Students of the 1st Quarter

1st qtr

Rylan Shenefelt- Milledgeville High School Student of the 1st Quarter

“Rylan always expresses the desire to do well and a positive attitude. He wants to represent our school with precision and pride at all times and does his best to include everyone.” – Mrs. Jordan

“Rylan is one of the high school students with the most school spirit, and he genuinely loves the school!  He exhibits that in all that he does both in the classroom and outside.  His school pride is contagious, and as a leader, he gets others to participate and show their school spirit.  He works hard academically and wants to do his best always!” 

“Rylan proudly represented our school during Homecoming Week by including every student and spreading positive school spirit across the school and community.  A few weeks later when tragedy struck the community, Rylan quickly rose as a leader to support his peers in their grief and sadness to come together and support the families involved in the accident.  Rylan embodies qualities of leadership, compassion, and inclusion.  He has demonstrated these qualities through thick and thin and our school is truly blessed to have a student like Rylan!” 


Adelle Wilkinson-Chadwick Junior High Student of the 1st Quarter

“Adelle is kind to everyone, takes her schoolwork seriously, and is always trying to brighten everyone's day.  She loves to have fun while still following the school rules and she continuously shows respect for students and teachers.  She is a pleasure to have in class!” 

“Courteous to all (Peers, Classmates, Teachers), Show determination and has a drive to succeed in everything she tries whether the concept is new or well known to her.” 


Elliot Frampton- Chadwick-Milledgeville Elementary School (3-5) Student of the 1st Quarter

“Elliot Frampton is an intelligent student, he was always ready to learn in 3rd grade, and he is a fantastic role model for his peers.” 

“Always gives his best effort.  Consistently has a positive attitude towards everyone and everything” 


Nolan Folk- Chadwick-Milledgeville Elementary School (K-2) Student of the 1st Quarter

“Nolan is kind to everyone and always willing to help.  He is curious, creative, and delightful.  Nolan always gives his best effort on projects and sets a great example for his classmates.  He is a hard worker!” 

“Nolan is an exemplary student. He gives 110% in and out of his classroom. He is follows directions, completes his work without being reminded, and is a great friend to his peers. He is also always willing to help out!”